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Our Little Geniuses classroom starts your child’s first transition to more structure and getting ready for our Masterminds classroom. In this room, the energy is high, with children making independent choices and creating their own opinions about the world around them. We focus on providing ample choices so your child can explore everything their eager mind thinks of. Our teachers in this room are trained to bring the learning where each child is. We begin using the Brigance Testing and look at the milestones and interests of the child to make learning a positive experience and foster the love of learning from a young age. When you walk in this classroom, you will hear and see the manners and academics taught through play, quality learning experiences, and positive interactions.

Our Masterminds classroom is your child’s second transition before joining our Young Scholars. In this room, we are even more focused on academics. We utilize each child’s portfolio from classroom to classroom to set goals and see growth.
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Kids Playing With Toys Kids Painting Together
Using informal and formal assessments, we can plan for the class and for each child at an individual level. When you walk into this classroom, there is a buzz of learning and playing intertwined with smiles and laughter as we continue the social skills and encourage the children to go further with learning.

Our Young Scholars classroom is your child’s last stop before Kindergarten. In this classroom, our goal is to get your child kindergarten ready, teaching your child the skills needed socially and academically to be successful from day one! Through the use of ASQs and the Brigance Testing, we get to know your child and focus on meeting the individual needs of each child, meeting them at their pace and bringing them to where the need to be, and further. This age group is where tons of learning takes place. When you come into this classroom, you can see the eagerness and excitement to continue learning through art, music, reading, writing, exploring, and more during play. At the end of the day, your child is loved, believed in, and challenged to reach new goals. With the family’s help and support, there is no stopping this momentum!

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