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Social Emotional Development

-Children should be learning to play with others.
Bengal Tots Learning Center understands how important positive relationships are for children. We promote friendship, sharing, and learning to care for others and their feelings by creating a positive environment.

-Children should follow simple rules and routines.
Consistency is key for our children. Creating routines help with behavior and classroom management.

-Children are learning to explore new things.
Without a variety of positive learning experiences, children will not show curiosity. Curiosity takes a child's' mind beyond basic concepts such as: dumping out a cup of water may make a mess; however, children will question why does the water spill out of the cup.

-Children should begin working alone.
Entering kindergarten is a whole new world. Working alone will allow children to have time to themself, create their own ideas, and find ways to express themselves. This could be through art by them really taking their time to complete it the way they vision the final product.

Approaches to Learning

-Children should be curious.
We know children learn through experiences. Curiosity is natural, and we provide a safe learning environment for them to explore.

-Children should have the ability to focus and listen.
Classroom settings must be engaging and entertaining. This allows children to have the will to focus and listen.

-Children continue tasks, even if they are challenging.
We assist children that may find it difficult to complete a task by asking them questions to keep pushing them to the answer.

-Children should initiate learning experiences.
Again, children are curious. We provide a variety of materials for each child to explore and question.

Language and Communication Development

-Children should know their full name.
One of the first words many children begin to recognize, write, and read is their name. A name is something that they hear and see constantly. They become familiar with the letters and sounds of their name, which promotes curiosity as too what the other letter are, look like, and sound like.

-Children should use pictures to tell stories.
Art is more important than you may realize. Not only is it an away for your child to express themself, but it's also a way for them to make connections to the world around them.

-Children should speak in five or six; word sentences.
By kindergarten, children should be speaking more complex. Singing, reading, and positive communication build your child's vocabulary daily.

General Knowledge and Mathematics

-Children should sort and classify objects.
Through math, science, and other activities, our teachers are continuously promoting this area of development.

-Children can identify basic colors.
During circle time, art, and even math sorting and identifying colors are the foundation of classifying objects.

-Children should be able to count to 30.

-Children should be able to count objects up to 10.
Our teachers use a variety of objects to promote one-to-one correspondence, which shows the value of each number using objects.

-Children are naming and recognizing general shapes.
There are a variety of ways to promote shape sorting.

Health and Physical Well-Being

-Children should eat a balanced diet.
Bengal Tots Learning Center is a member of the USDA food program; healthy meals are serviced daily.

-Children should get plenty of rest.
Nap-time or even just quiet time is an important part of the day. Our teachers have a consistent routine to provide quality rest time.

-Children should attend dental and medical check-ups as scheduled and immunizations.
The state requires immunizations not only for your child but for all children who attend.

-Children should have the ability to run, jump, and other gross motor activities. 
We promote gross motor development daily in our indoor gym, outdoor playground, and even in our classrooms.

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