We utilize developmental screening and assessment tools such as Ages/Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) and The Brigance to create an individualized curriculum that prepares each child for kindergarten. Our teachers utilize the results from each assessment to prepare lesson plans that are developmentally appropriate for each child.

The Brigance Project

Bengal Tots was selected to participate in the Brigance Project. With the collaboration of United Wat, KIDS now, 4c for Children, and other partners, this project is set to make an impact in Early Childhood Education within Northern Kentucky. All Kentucky Preschool and Head Start programs use the Brigance to assess the developmental level of each child. To promote the importance of Early Childhood, Northern Kentucky has teamed up with STAR rated centers to collect data using the Brigance assessment.

Data from the assessment will be entered into Northern Kentucky's Early Childhood Database. Children are assessed from ages 3-5; the data is stored and tracks each child's developmental growth up until third grade.

What is the Brigance?

The Brigance is aligned with the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards and Kentucky's definition of school readiness. This assessment screens all developmental areas: The Brigance is a brief assessment that is performed annually. Every fall, parents of our children from ages 3-5 years, will receive a consent form and an assessment for parents to complete that tracks your child's self-help and social-emotional development. At Bengal Tots, we utilize the Brigance assessment every November.

Your child's teacher conducts the assessment. Parent-teacher conferences will be held to discuss results. Conferences can also be set up at any time with your child's teacher at Bengal Tots.

The Ages and Stages Questionnaire

What is ASQ-3?

ASQ-3 (Ages and Stages Questionnaire 3rd Edition) is a parent completed monitoring system that meets the criteria for a first-level comprehensive screening program. The ASQ screening is a 21-questionnaire designed to be completed by parents or guardians at any point of a child ages between 1 month and 5 ½ years. The questionnaires can be used to identify a need for further assessment to accurately address concerns. The questionnaires are organized into five areas: Communication, Gross-motor, Problem Solving, and Personal-Social. We believe the development of infants and young children should be consistently monitored; however, with the help of parents, this goal can be achieved by working as a partnership.

Why is it important?

ASQ is a very important screening tool because who knows their children best? Parents. With the questionnaires, parents are learning about their child's development. It's estimated that 1 in 7 children are affected by developmental delays, learning disorders, and behavioral and social-emotional problems. Developmental screening also allows teachers and parents to set goals to achieve milestones prior to their being a concern. Also, it helps open up communication between parents and teachers. Teachers are always willing to help further assist your child in making sure they are developmentally ready. By participating in a developmental screening program, parents can check their child's development and address any potential concerns.

The Benefits?

Most parents wonder what is the purpose or the benefits if the screening programs. When you have completed the questionnaire, your answers will show your child's strengths and highlight any areas where your child may need extra practice or help. Also, your answers will help our teachers get to know your child better and how we can support each child individually in the classroom. Your child's answers will be helpful in determining whether your child needs further support or assessment. It's best to share your concerns early when your child can reap the benefits of early intervention rather than waiting until your child starts school. Here at Bengal Tots, we are striving to provide quality learning environments and create partnerships with each family. Our overall goal is to have each child kindergarten ready.

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